Free Things to Do in Washington, DC

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I can admit from my personal experience and observation that spring and summer months (especially May and June) are the busiest time for scholars, exchange program participants and international students to travel to the US.  These groups of people travel to the US for a specific reason, education. However, they also enjoy the opportunity to see the sightseeings and travel as much as possible. In most cases, people who travel for educational reason, look for places that he/she can visit for free, without spending too much money on tickets or admissions. As they travel with a limited budget, visiting free places help them learn the US and save some money for gifts and shopping.

There are so many interesting places in the US, like museums, attractions, parks, etc that we can visit for free, probably some local people even don’t know about it. Today, I have decided to come up with the free places in Washington DC, because it is the heart of all the cities that accepts scholars and exchange program participants.  I believe that this post will help travelers as well as locals to visit more places for free.

Free Places to Visit in Washington DC

Air Force Memorial

Air Force Memorial

(Photo Courtesy: Volkan Yuksel, Panoramio)

The Air Force Memorial, honoring the millions of men and women who have served in the United States Air Force. The design of the Air Force Memorial symbolizes flight. The flying spirit with three stainless steel spires (270 feet high)  represents contrails of the Air Force Thunderbirds which disperses in a “bomb burst” maneuver.

Location: One Air Force Memorial Drive, Arlington, VA. The memorial is located off of Columbia Pike near VA-244. The Pentagon Metro station is within walking distance of the memorial.

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Garden

(Photo Courtesy: Ron Cogswell, Flickr)

Botanic Garden has approximately 4,000 seasonal, tropical and subtropical plants. The National Garden includes a First Ladies’ water garden, an extensive rose garden, a butterfly garden, and a display of a variety of regional trees, shrubs and perennials. It is administered by the Architect of the Capitol.

Location: The U.S. Botanic Garden is located across from the U.S. Capitol Building along First St. SW, between Maryland Ave. and C St. Bartholdi Park sits behind the Conservatory and is accessible from Independence Ave., Washington Ave. or First St. The closest Metro station is Federal Center SW

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The Best Kid Friendly Activities and Places in San Francisco

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Best Places to Take Kids in San Francisco

Summer is coming and kids are expecting to spend more time with them, traveling and taking them to the different interesting places. Depending on kids’ age and interest, and of course our budget too, we can take them to various places, starting from Zoo, including museums, magic shows, movies, ice-cream shops, etc. The more things they observe, the more chances they have to learn; the more they learn, the more social and smart they become.

Trying to entertain my toddler and have a good time together, I needed to find out the best kid friendly activities and places in San Francisco. While doing search, I realized that there are so many best places to take kids that I didn’t know before, although I live in San Francisco.  I believe that the list that I prepared below will be a good source for parents and relatives who wish to spend some time  and have fun with kids. However, I might miss some places.

Do you know any toddler friendly places in San Francisco? If yes, please, add in the comments.

Best Places to Take Kids in San Francisco

Union Square – Financial District – Embarcadero – Civic Center Read more »

Explore The World By Cycling Tours

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A New and Flexible Way to Travel Around the World.

Checking news and updates using my Linkedin profile, I noticed an interesting and innovative travel commercial shared by one of my Linkedin contacts. The commercial titled ” Explore The World…Leg By Leg”  and was offered by Ride25.

The title of the commercial attracted my attention and I decided to watch it, that as a result led me to do some search and write a special post about the Ride25′s project. Doing some google search, I found out that this unusual offer is a great travel adventure opportunity for cycle and bike riders. It is a new, flexible way to cycle around the world and explore it!

The cycle adventure is split into 25 tours and a travel cyclist commits to one tour at a time, comprising 4 days’ cycling and between 70-90 miles in a day. The trips involve groups of between 50–100 people, including people from all backgrounds, such  Olympic athletes to businessmen and women, university students to full-time mums.

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Unusual Offer for Thailand Female Travelers

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Lucky Winner Can Get Facial Plastic Surgery.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand decided to make an extraordinary offer to female travelers aiming to increase the level of medical tourism in Thailand. They launched an “Extreme Makeover” tourism campaign contest that awards facial plastic surgery to the lucky winner. Women between the ages of 25 and 45 are called to submit photos of their faces and fill out an extensive medical questionnaire to enter to win a brand new look that will “change your life forever.”

Once you upload images of yourself, your pictures will appear on the Thailand Extreme Makeover site, where people can vote for the faces that are most deserving of surgery. Because if there’s one thing this world needs more of, it’s people judging women by their appearance on the Internet.  A “committee of experts” will select three finalists, who will win a trip to Thailand plus plastic surgery. Videos of the winners’ surgery and journey to Thailand will be broadcast on the Extreme Makeover site.

The World Health Organization (WHO) mentions that Thailand hosted 1.4 million medical tourists in 2007. The country is one of the leading markets for medical tourism in Asia. Medical tourists, says the WHO, are a powerful asset to local economies because they’re a fast-growing faction and they tend to drop a lot of cash on expensive treatments.

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Best Flight Apps

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www.dervish-az.comTechnology became the main part our daily life. It became so important that we even share our personal life on social networks, including what cook, which restaurant we go, where we travel, how we were treated at the custom, and if we satisfied or dissatisfied with any service or products.

Remembering we used to go to special places to buy the flight ticket a few years ago, seems the waste of a time now. Thanks to the growing technology, we book our tickets online now, that makes our life much more easier. Besides booking a ticket, we can find a better place to eat if we are on travel, share our traveling photos, find the cheapest gas station near us, order a taxi if we lost, more and more, using various apps.

Doing some searches about travel apps, I found few travel apps that I didn’t know about their existence. And it encouraged me to write a special post gathering all the travel apps under one topic that can help you as a travel guide.

Flight Ticket Apps

SkyScanner (free): The most famous flight ticket app among travelers. It scans all the major airlines’ websites for the lowest fares, You can search by specific date, destination, and even time, or see where you can go anytime in April for $150 with their broader search functions. You can search for flights from your airport to everywhere, and Skyscanner will return a list of destinations and prices. Skyscanner will also tell you if it’s cheaper to book one-way tickets on separate airlines rather than a round-trip on one provider. Read more »

The Worst Hotels and Motels in the USA

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www.dervish-az.comTravelers divided into 2 categories: Luxury Travelers and Simple Travelers.

Luxury Travelers are people who prefer to stay in an expensive place and don’t cut on budget for enjoying their trip as much as they can. Since this is a different topic to write, I am going to cut short about luxury travelers this time.

Simple Travelers are people who aren’t looking for much when sleeping away from home. These people try to enjoy their travel with low budget without wasting money on a staff that they could enjoy for free or for a good deal. In such situation, simple travelers might face big problems with the places they choose to stay. The more you want to save, the cheeper you go on spending, the cheeper you go, the lowest service you might get.

Aiming to help travelers to avoid worst places to stay, I did some search and updated the list of the worst hotels and motels in America that I posted a few years ago. So, I’m presenting the list of the worst hotels in the USA without wasting your time on reading a big post, hoping it will make your trip easier :) Would be happy to hear your experience with bad hotels. Feel free to add more hotels and prolong the list :)

Baymont Inn & Suites in Alexandria, Louisiana. Guests complained of a broken air conditioner, rude front desk attendants, mildew spots in the bathroom, and cockroaches. Read more »

10 of the World’s Most Inspiring Female Travelers

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Happy Women’s Day!

Today is 8 March, International Women’s Day. I posted some postcards to my social networks congratulating all the women. Later, at the end of the day I have decided to prepare something informative and educative video about women and travel, since my blog is about traveling. Therefore preferred to make a short video presentation about female travelers who became pioneers, discovered the world and inspired us to go out in the world.

The video might not seem ‘fansysh-mansysh” :) whilst it worth to watch and know the World’s Most Inspiring Female Travelers. Read more »

The Best California Beaches

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The weather is getting warmer and inspires us to go outside, and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Spending time at the beach is one of the best opportunities for us to rest, listen to the calming sound of waives, lie down on warm sand and have fun with friends and family. Although some beaches don’t offer swimming  conditions, we can still enjoy walking around the beach with our dogs or do some sports, like surfing and diving.

If you plan to have a nice vacation at the beach, think about California first because this state offers you lots of suggestions in different destinations depending on your choice. You can choose a beach to swim, to walk, to do sport or to spend New Year, yes New Year, as well! :)

1. Manchester State Beach, Point Arena 

Manchester State Beach, Point Arena

(Photo:  buffdawgus)

This beach is never overcrowded and popular with its sandy dunes, grassy flatlands. The best time to visit is January and February. The nearby Garcia River is a mecca for local steelhead fishermen.

2. Rodeo Beach, Golden Gate National Recreation Area at Marin Headlands

Rodeo Beach, Golden Gate National Recreation Area at Marin Headlands

(Photo: Darvin Atkeson)

As you can see from the photo, the swimming conditions aren’t always ideal in this beach. However, you can enjoy taking your dog for a walk or observing waves playing with semi-precious stone hunters. It’s the only nude beach in the Marin Headlands that faces the Pacific Ocean.

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